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I’m not sure how many cars I’ve dyno’ed – hundreds? I started October 1st 1998, the pit was finished about November 10th 1998, the Dyno arrived on Nov 18 1998 (a big day), and I did the first test on Dec 5th 1998. Matt was stuck with a Chevy Metro for a couple of weeks when his car was getting a new transmission. It made 57hp, 61ft lbs!!!! The Outlaw Street Chevelle that Blake used to drive made 1092hp and 909ft lbs. 773cu in, no nitrous!

dynamometer \Dy`na*mom”e*ter\, n. An apparatus for measuring force or power; especially, muscular effort of men or animals, or the power developed by a motor, or that required to operate machinery.

Setting the Standards

The Dynojet Automotive Dynamometer features 48″ knurled, precision balanced drums. The large drum diameter provides a virtually flat, stable surface for tire contact, eliminating unnecessary slippage and tire deformation. The result is precise, repeatable results every time.

With its durable steel construction and high-inertia drums, the Dynojet Dyno can accurately diagnose performance or driveability problems in vehicles with anywhere from 20 to 1200 Hp at the drive wheels. Dyno runs can be done at speeds up to 200mph, providing safe, reliable road testing right in the shop.

With a quick vehicle mounting time, the Dynojet Dyno allows us to measure, record, and diagnose performance problems quickly. Its durable, maintenance-free construction ensures flawless tuning and troubleshooting.


The accuracy, precision, and dependability of Dynojet’s Automotive Chassis Dynamometer has been recognized by the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing as the benchmark in automotive dynamometer design. Dynojet Research is proud to announce that it has linked a three-year deal with NASCAR to provide dynamometer services for the organization’s NASCAR Winston Cup Series, NASCAR Busch Grand National Series, and NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series events. NASCAR uses Dynojet’s dyno for race rule enforcement, and to determine power production of the competing cars in race trim. The Dynojet Dynamometer is ideally suited for this role due to it’s simplicity of operation, reliability, and accuracy.

Furthermore, Dynojet has become the officially licensed NASCAR dynamometer. This agreement is a reflection of NASCAR’s recognition of the advanced technical capabilities of the Dynojet Automotive Dynamometer. Several NASCAR teams have acquired Dynojet Dynamometers for their own use.